Pieces Of Andalusia

Miss Andalusia I’ve been here just thinking of you and I know I said I’d stop, but I really think I love you, yes I do.

I love you and I don’t know what to do… here without you.

I know I’m no baller, I’m not taller, I’m no shot caller. I’m just a guy who saw a girl and though “she’s the prettiest girl that I have ever seen”

And now it’s like it had never been. Was it meant to be?

I don’t understand. Maybe I just couldn’t handle it. Maybe I was too demanding. Maybe I just tried too hard to show I care.

You once filled my heart now there’s no one there… just an empty chair.

I know life’s not perfect. You have problems I have problems. You’ve been hurt and I’m too sweet. But I believed we’d hold each other in the dark.

I really believed I’d be your spark. You warmed my heart.

But I’m way too needy. I’m always looking in your eyes. I touch your skin and kiss your lips a lot. Why can’t I be aloof like the other guys?

I don’t even know why it is I try. Why do I try?

And I’m unfair because I won’t just let you go. I doth protest, I doth explain but it’s unfair because you chose to walk away

I have to respect the choice you made. I lay wake.

But it’s not the end. I am your friend and always will be. It’s just that I cannot pretend that I do not care that I can’t kiss you anymore.

The pain in my chest is so sore. My bloods on the floor.

But it’s like I said, I am okay. I understand. I have no choice. I am a man & this is life, we all know sometimes it isn’t fair.

It will cut your throat & leave you there. Life doesn’t care.

So I’ll let you go. I’ll let you be. I know you are busy. You only have one life to live so don’t waste your time with someone so naive and weak.

I hope you find the one you seek. I hope he is not as weak.

And as for me. I guess I just needed reminding that the reason I’m in hiding is that love is not for everyone we see.

I know that love is not for me. It’s clear to see.

Don’t misunderstand I’m not here trying to win you back and I don’t want no fucking pity, it’s just I can’t stop these pieces as they fall

I don’t think I’ll be the same at all. No not at all.

But it’s like I say. I am okay. I am okay. I’ll go away. I won’t beg you to stay. In fact I will try to not disturb your life at all.

I’ll smile and wave while you have a ball. I will not let you see me bleed at all.


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