Loosing Andalusia

You wake and you feel it. You are hollow in your chest.

Like the great hole in Kimberly, you’ve been stripped of your best.

You look down at your sneakers and they dont seem as white.

The dark curtain blocks the sun, the world is not so bright.

The new shirt that you wore, the one she didnt see.

Stands like a flayed man flag in Winterfell, a symbol of your defeat.

You look around the wreckage, of the crash from your flight.

Her face flashes in your mind… and pain takes hold with all its might.

You will yourself to move, to act like you are alive.

But your eyes they betray you. Because you are dead inside.

Its always the same. Its a hell of a ride.

Its always the same. A heartfelt goodbye.

You want to plead. You want to try.

But you know that we choose. We choose what we decide.

You work and you win. You laugh and smile.

But the river runs red, as you bleed from inside.

You walk and you feel it… You’re hollow in your chest.

You know you are a fraud. Your’re far from the best.

Better than no one. Arrogant to some.

Some kind of player. You, the lonely bum.

Shining like a star, you flicker in the night.

Like a supernova. A superficial light.

Face down in the mud. Rain pouring as the cherry blossoms fall.

“Stay down!” he said. But you thought you could take them all.

You will yourself to move, its hard to be alive.

You instantly hate your courage. That you know you must survive.

“Whats so good about picking up the pieces?” You sing along with the song.

And her scent fills your mind. An explosion like a bomb.

But it cannot be. You cannot try.

You cannot chase after a tide.

You cannot be like Ichigo, there is no Orihime by your side.

People choose what they decide.

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