Love In Andalusia

I am me. You are you.

We do what we have to do.

You are hurt. You were wronged.

We move on, we play along.


And I am you. And you are me.

And we aren’t who we’re supposed to be.

And you are wrong. And I am wrong.

And we were perfect all along.


But in my head. And in your heart.

We slowly drift, we drift apart.

And you regress. And I remain.

We revel while we roll in pain.


And you are young. And I am old.

And we make love and warm the cold.

And you are mine. And I am yours.

But we are fools, we’re fools because.


In your head. In my heart.

We’re best together, we die apart.

And in your arms, I am safe.

Inside your heart I found my place.


But you are scared and I am scarred.

We know the truth, but its too much.

I watch you run. You watch me fall.

There’s nothing left to say at all.


You are mine. I am yours.

But we are fools, we’re fools because.

I’m in your heart and you’re in mine.

The feeling grows as time goes by.


But we are scared. We are hurt.

We’ve walked through fire and we have burnt.

We cant give up. We’ve lost too much.

We cant let go, we’ll screw this up.


So hold my gaze. Don’t look away.

Say the things you want to say.

Remember this. You’re good enough.

You are the one, the one I love.


So if you run. I’ll run with you.

If you fall I’ll catch you too.

I know that I, that I could fail.

But it’s too late, this ship has sailed.


And it is ours. Its beautiful.

We’re on an adventure, we’re sailing true.

I’m in your arms and you’re in mine.

We’re far from perfect, but we’ll do fine.


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